Let’s stop apologizing for our competence. ~ Zerrie Campbell

Bad apples? Professionally, politely and cordially ignore them. ~ Marie Pepicello

Don’t take everything so seriously. Take time to laugh. ~ Linda L.

The more generalist a position you come from, the better your chances are. ~ Carmen Neuberger

Use the constant change around you as your opportunity to change people’s perceptions of you, and to prove your skills and ability to contribute. ~ Susan Rehwaldt

A shared responsibility of women leaders on campus is to make their system more receptive to the presence and progress of women as a group. ~ Cheryl F.

Ask your self how you can use what you’ve learned where you are, to move on to the next job. ~ Denise Cohen

If you want immediate change, higher education is not the place for you. ~ Laura Saunders

Women tend to stick it out too long and just try to work harder for recognition. ~ Marie Wunsch

Whatever development process you’re comfortable with, do it to the maximum. ~ Bonnie Saucier

What a burden would be removed if women could stop ‘nicing’ one another to death at work. ~ Shirley J.

To transform a campus, bring in women leaders. ~ Jacquelyn M.

Educational politics makes corporate politics look like a sandbox. ~ Mary Fox

It’s becoming apparent that female insights such as connection, introspection, intuition and complexity of relationship are more appropriate concepts to describe what we now know about reality. ~ Summer Savon

If administrative politics are not for faint-hearted novices, they also badly need women and men who are committed to kindness, fair play and moral vision. ~ Anonymous

The more of us who enter, survive and succeed, the more we’re able to develop methodologies to inform others on the practice of freedom. ~ Janice Dawson-Threat

Never give up your credibility by saying, ‘This may be a dumb question, but…’ ~ Elizabeth Tegues

Women may be under-valuing the ‘hard’ aspects of administrative experience and over emphasizing the ‘soft’ aspects of philosophical fit when seeking academic vice presidencies, or other positions. ~ Karen Walton

Businesses have learned it’s expensive not to protect women. Now, universities need to learn that if they ignore women, they’re going to lose plenty. ~ Eileen Wagner

Healthy diversity depends on more than legal compliance sustained by a revolving door of statistically interchangeable African American women. ~ Bonnie Hatchett

Spirit can’t soar when people keep silent about who they are, and hide their differences to try to fit in. ~ Tara Loomis

No other environment can match the energy of a place like this, where leaders in their fields create ideas and transmit them to the best young minds in the world. ~ Condoleezza Rice

Women can not only further their own cause and that of all minorities, but also help to shape the educational system of the 21st century. ~ Amy Lezberg

If they don’t select you, they may not have been prepared for you. And in that case, they don’t deserve you. ~ Maria Perez

Lawsuits are less likely to happen when administrators are nice to people. ~ Marianne Jennings

Don’t accept the dictates and little boxes that say, ‘This is how the world operates.’ You really have to push outside the hierarchy. ~ Vera Martinez

True leaders know humor is a sign of personal strength, intelligence and quick-thinking. ~ Christine Cowan-Gascoigne

I know presidents who do not have a love of people, and they’re not good presidents. ~ Constance M.

I view mistakes as opportunities to learn. ~ Zerrie Campbell

If you’re not having fun, you’re in the wrong job. ~ Claudia Limbert

Transformational leadership feels right to women because it’s not asking anything that they haven’t done. ~ Jacquelyn M.

By giving people a role in revitalizing campus, the process becomes the product. ~ Dolores E.

If you’re afraid of rejection, you’re not going to be able to achieve. ~ Anne Mulder

Perhaps the best fringe benefit of volunteering is the ‘altruistic high’ that results from doing something for appreciative colleagues for the sheer satisfaction of it. ~ Martha Burns

Like triage in an emergency room, choose a few areas where you can make the most difference and leave the rest to others. ~ Anne Huff

It’s amazing how many qualified women surface when search committee members know you mean business. ~ Linda McCallister

We had technical gurus, but it takes politics and persuasion to make things happen. ~ Bettsey Barhorst

You learn to sit back and decide what’s important to you, and how to get it. Let the rest roll off your back. Let mistakes happen. ~ Denise Cohen

The world is full of teachers, if you want to find and use them. ~ Constance M.

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. ~ Betty Castor