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Calling All Writers! WIHE's Open Call for Guest Contributors    |   Read this Article
Women in Higher Education is accepting guest contributions this summer!
IN HER OWN WORDS: Women's Underrepresentation in Higher Education in Ghana    |   Read this Article
Higher education can improve the overall quality of life of women, including providing better access to health care, food security, good pension plans, improved job opportunities.
THE EDITOR'S END NOTES: Editors Are Women Too    |   Read this Article
Even though The Last Laugh has come to an end, I hope to continue founding editor Mary Dee Wenniger's tradition to share with you the editor's comings, goings and thoughts at the end of the issue.
Can Student Moms Afford Childcare? Schools Can Help    |   Read this Article
Only 48% of community colleges are offering on-campus childcare, 57% of four-year public schools offer on-campus childcare, and a sad 9% of four-year private, not-for-profit schools offer childcare.
THE LAST LAUGH: That's All She Wrote    |   Read this Article
Publishing WIHE opened my eyes to the reality of gender inequity.
Know Your Worth, Negotiate Your Value    |   Read this Article
Women often don't negotiate because of fear. "What's the worst that can happen?" Bump asked.
THE LAST LAUGH: Enjoy the Privileges of Age and Retirement    |   Read this Article
Getting the last laugh through a joyful retirement is best shared with those who have been key players in my life. Now's the time to enjoy them-a real privilege!
MOVEABLE TYPE: Wise Latinas on Campus    |   Read this Article
Indeed, for many students of color and first-generation college students, the road to obtaining a college degree is an endeavor that involves the entire family, and Wise Latinas makes this fact a central point.
WIHE INTERVIEWS: Dr. Ann Marie Klotz    |   Read this Article
The worst advice Dr. Klotz has received? "'Wait your turn.' I reject the notion that all people should be on the same path."
WIHE INTERVIEWS: Dr. Marcia Keizs    |   Read this Article
One of the big problems for women is we're typecast into certain positions in the academy. My advice, therefore, is to take on jobs early in your career that may run against type.
What's Your Brand? Professional Branding and You    |   Read this Article
"When you think of people who have clear, cohesive and visible academic brands, usually the list that you could name off the top of your head includes a lot of men. We need to change that."
MOVEABLE TYPE: A Close Look at Undergraduate Student Success    |   Read this Article
How College Works (2014, Harvard University Press)
Leadership Moves: Developing Your Career Strategy    |   Read this Article
Be honest. It does no one any good to mislead yourself about where your strengths and interests lie.
Control Meetings for Maximum Effectiveness    |   Read this Article
Meetings should consist of three separate parts: the purpose, desired outcomes and follow up.
How to Design Your Life for Success    |   Read this Article
If you don't have a life plan to guide you, you will spend time and energy wandering.
Mega-Model Tracks Trends in Women's Leadership    |   Read this Article
The transformational leader-who is likely to be a woman-energizes, motivates and transforms her followers. She allows them to become more effective.
In the Company of Future Women of Color Leaders    |   Read this Article
For women of color in higher education, being 'the only one' is not just about gender but also about race.
How Women Leaders Can Become Game Changers    |   Read this Article
'You can learn something in every environment if you ask yourself, "What am I learning here?"'
Women: Over-Performing, Under-Represented, Underpaid    |   Read this Article
Moving more women and minority scholars into senior positions at research schools… affects what questions get asked and how the findings are interpreted.
New Leadership Model Values Women's Strengths    |   Read this Article
The new leadership model plays to women's strengths. It requires leaders to talk, communicate and build relationships, and display more female traits such as sharing, curiosity and using teams.
Women Succeed as Authentic Leaders on Campus    |   Read this Article
As the number of women leaders has risen, models of leadership have given increasing attention to collaboration and empowerment.
Moving Up or Moving On? Women & Succession Planning
   |   Read this Article
The first step is an attitude adjustment. Women often don't think they're ready to lead.
Social Media and Student Athletes: Legal Issues are Quirky    |   Read this Article
Expecting student athletes to interpret terms such as 'inappropriate' in the same fashion as administrators is naive and shortsighted.
The Leader as Artist    |   Read this Article
Great artists and great leaders emphasize the same things: to see reality, imagine possibility and inspire others.
Leadership Development 101: Mother and Daughter
   |   Read this Article
Reflecting on my experience and the many things I'd learned over the year, I realized that my daughter had grown and developed too.
'Acting' is Not an Act: Lessons Learned by an AVP
   |   Read this Article
During my time as acting AVP, I learned that thick skin and an ability to not take things personally were also critical.
Adjuncts and the Academic Labor Force
Campus Equity Week October 28-November 2, 2013
   |   Read this Article
The very word adjunct implies that we are something added to the main, but not really a part of it. As the administration would like to think of us, an arm to help schools make money but not really valuable.
President Dr. Bettsey Barhorst Retires, Leaving a Legacy    |   Read this Article
The president of my college observed one of my classes, later told me I could become a president after I got a PhD and said that he would help me.
Empowering Women on a Catholic Campus    |   Read this Article
Catholic women's colleges are more likely than their secular counterparts to offer daycare, flexible schedules and affordable tuition.
How to Warm the Chilly Climate, Woman-to-Woman
   |   Read this Article
I found a method to navigate the academic terrain, using our general narratives and suggestions to warm this climate.
Rape Survivors Pressure Colleges for Protection    |   Read this Article
Enlightened campuses have sought to create new policies and procedures to protect their students. Others have ignored the issue.
How to Avoid Joining a Campus Bullying Culture
   |   Read this Article
Organizations in which bullying cultures are the status quo are not the best places to begin or grow your career.
Strategies to Help Faculty into a Graceful Retirement    |   Read this Article
They spoke of being the first woman in their department, or the first woman chair or dean. 'If no one is there to take down their story, they may not be ready to retire because if they go, their story goes with them.'
Creating Flexible Work Policies: One Size Does NOT Fit All    |   Read this Article
At Yale, each department looks at the institutional policy and then fashions its own system.
MVP Model Prevents Gender Violence on Campus    |   Read this Article
For every young woman dragged off...how many fellow students know what is going on?
Improve Teaching: Your Role, Relevance, Relationship
   |   Read this Article
I created my own course evaluations to use in addition to the university-wide tool. These provided me with more substantive, authentic information.
Can Women Have it All?    |   Read this Article
"Because we can do anything, we feel as if we have to do everything,"
Tips to Keep the Spring in Your Step, Despite Everything    |   Read this Article
Whatever you learned from this situation can strengthen you for the next one, a constructive result regardless of how things worked out this time.
Getting a Doctorate? Tips from Women Who've Been There    |   Read this Article
Not many full-time women doctoral students start a family during their degree program, despite flexible hours and biological clocks.
Women Vets on Campus: Too Much Self-Reliance?    |   Read this Article
Since the military culture is based on the male characteristics of dominance, conformity and being one of the good old boys, seeking help is seen as a sign of weakness.
Programs 'By Us, For Us' Support Black Women    |   Read this Article
Sometimes when you feel isolated and marginalized, you just forget who you are, and you forget the value you bring to any situation.
Tips on 'Keeping the Spark' for Peak Performance    |   Read this Article
If you can't find 'wellness' on your school's web site, it is time to start thinking about changes on campus.
A Baby in the Boardroom    |   Read this Article
In my dreams, I never age." (Madeline L'Engle)
Decisions Matter: Using a Decision-Making Framework with Contemporary Student Affairs Case Studies    |   Read this Article
Seasoned professionals may have the gut instinct to make a split-second response when necessary, but that instinct took years to develop.
Tips to Help Women Leaders Succeed in a Male Environment    |   Read this Article
Top leadership in student affairs used to be overwhelming male, but women are making significant inroads. Five women shared their pearls of wisdom from their long and successful experience.
Nontraditional Students: Their Perspectives, Needs
   |   Read this Article
As a non-traditional student I face ostracism, prejudice and misunderstanding regarding my motives for taking a seat in a full classroom.
Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia    |   Read this Article
Stereotypes perpetuated by movies and TV set expectations of women overall as emotional rather than rational, African American women as mammies, Latinas as sizzling hot and Asian American woman as quiet and subservient.
Using the Twitter Network Empowers Women    |   Read this Article
We have heard for years about the importance of networking. Traditional networking depends on being in the right place at the right time. With online social networking services such as Twitter, the time and place are always right.
Generation on a Tightrope: A Portrait of Today's College Student    |   Read this Article
Colleges stuck in educational systems developed for an earlier era-analog, national and industrial-need to adapt to prepare these students for 21st century lives.
Emotional, Spiritual Intelligence Create Exemplary Leaders    |   Read this Article
The last thing the world needs is another ego-driven, power-hungry executive whose decisions benefit only a small group. The leaders we really need are passionate, personal and purpose-driven people.
Black Women's Dilemma: Be Real or Be Ignored    |   Read this Article
Until you know each other, you don't know whom you can trust and they don't know whether they can trust you.
Who are We? Internalized Oppression, Internal Agreements    |   Read this Article
What prevents us from doing those things we'll regret leaving undone?
Caution: Discrimination Based on Pregnancy is Illegal    |   Read this Article
The monetary verdict is nice but knowing that I prevailed on both of my claims is an unbelievable feeling.
Take Action to Empower Yourself to Financial Fitness    |   Read this Article
Panelists advised women to give the same attention to their financial health as they would to their physical health or their career.
Behavioral Interviews: Hire for the Competencies Needed    |   Read this Article
Behavioral interviewing starts from the belief that past performance is the best predictor of future performance.
Texas Chancellor Shares 11 Secrets to Leadership Success    |   Read this Article
If you can't do anything about something you don't like, stop whining and use your energy to develop plan B.
Search Process Emphasizes Preparation, Fit    |   Read this Article
Each school is unique. Some want a fund-raiser; others want a person who can get a facility built. There are those who are looking for someone who is good in the community.
Reflections on 17 Years in Student Life Leadership
   |   Read this Article
It is not the role of only the faculty to teach; rather it is the role of everyone on campus to create environments that facilitate learning.
Life is Long: Work Hard, Take Risks, Have Fun    |   Read this Article
If you're not changing and evolving as a professional and as a human being every day- in a biological sense- you're dying.
Assess Your Adjuncts to Improve Student Learning    |   Read this Article
What happens if we continue to outsource and treat adjuncts as second-class citizens?
Sistah Colleague Circle Embraces Womanist Collaboration
   |   Read this Article
The circle is a collaborative intellectual space infused with authenticity, culture and a safe space for black woman faculty.
Women on the Move    |   Read this Article
Let's congratulate the October 2013 women pursuing new opportunities
Women and Stress: Manage It-or It May Kill You    |   Read this Article
A single session of massage can significantly lower one's level of the stress hormone cortisol. Full body massage every three weeks can reduce it to almost zero.
Executive Presence: The Intangible Leadership Essential    |   Read this Article
But rising stars also bring a less tangible quality: executive presence. They inspire trust and confidence from the moment they enter the room.
Secrets of the Search Process for Top Campus Leaders    |   Read this Article
If you mention the name of the school only in the beginning and end of the letter but the rest is 'all about me,' you won't make it past the first cut.
"Cowgirl Up": Feminist Lessons on Academia from a Rancher
   |   Read this Article
'If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there with ya.'
Forget Work/Life Balance, It's About 'Dynamic Equilibrium'-'Think Like a River'
   |   Read this Article
Our goal is to manage the always-changing equilibrium between these areas, rather than to establish a rigid relationship between them, however 'balanced' it is.
Authentic Leadership: Having the Courage to Be Yourself    |   Read this Article
Others will respect and admire you, and you will have a sense of congruence that is both powerful and calming to others.
How to Lead in Turbulent Times    |   Read this Article
Hunkering down is appealing but it's counterproductive. It lets the organization protect itself instead of moving forward.
Put Away the Cape and Tiara: Superwoman Doesn't Live Here    |   Read this Article
Motherhood has made me more empathetic to students and parents.
Bill of Rights for Women in Higher Education    |   Read this Article
We have the right....
Learn to Manage Work-Life Boundaries, for Your Own Sanity    |   Read this Article
What determines how well you're able to self manage is how much your job allows you to control your environment.
Black Female Administrators: Is Stress Killing Us?
   |   Read this Article
Women who pay less attention to their own personal needs are at risk for less optimal health outcomes.
What Kind of Woman Coaches Men's Rugby?    |   Read this Article
What kind of woman coaches men's rugby? One who is crazy enough to believe that it can work, she said. Our students are ready to believe in us. Now we have to believe in ourselves.
U of Virginia Uproar Spotlights Issues of Process, Change    |   Read this Article
Opinions differ on whether a nation (or university) should be run like a for-profit business or serve some purpose beyond maximizing the bottom line.
Flexibility Helps Employees to Do Their Jobs Better    |   Read this Article
'It's really about the organization thinking about its operational objectives, then letting people propose how they will meet those objectives.'
THE LAST LAUGH: A study of Gendered Politics in Presidential Regimes
by Mary Dee Wenniger, Editor/Publisher
   |   Read this Article
With an 'S' on My Chest: The Reality of Being a Superwoman    |   Read this Article
Manage other people's expectations about your time without being hostile.
Opportunities Taken or Not: A Woman President's Journey    |   Read this Article
Women leaders are often in a position to hear things that male leaders may not hear or may choose to overlook.
Solitude: 'The Most Pressing Issue on Campus Today'    |   Read this Article
Take small walks; you don't need a trip to the mountain. Give yourself ten minutes to meditate or let go. Stop at the gym briefly. Welcome the red traffic light as a friend. Small steps become a habit to enhance your quality of life.
Use Laughter to Lighten the Load, Atmosphere, Stress    |   Read this Article
Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
MOVEABLE TYPE: How to Make the Most of Turning 40 and Beyond    |   Read this Article
Fortyude: Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life--through the 40s, 50s and Beyond
MOVEABLE TYPE: Misadventures of a Lesbian Grandma and Administrator    |   Read this Article
The Purple Golf Cart: The Misadventures of a Lesbian Grandma
Dean Norma Burgess: 'Life is a Journey for Me'
   |   Read this Article
We teach others how to accomplish their goals, but we don't always teach them how to manage and care for themselves, their hearts and their souls.
Gossip on Steroids: Cyber-Bullying, Stalking, Harassing    |   Read this Article
Attorneys, courts and elected officials have not settled where to draw the line between free speech and harassment when it comes to the Internet.
Tips on How to Handle 'High Maintenance' Students
   |   Read this Article
Returning to my office after a frustrating class, I stuffed my jacket in my mouth and howled out my frustration as tears streamed down my cheeks.
Condoleezza Rice Challenges NASPA Student Affairs Leaders    |   Read this Article
We in universities have a special responsibility to touch future leaders.
A New Chair Pursues Richer, Fuller, Better Results
   |   Read this Article
"Perhaps sharing personal reflection of what worked best for me as a first-year chair will be beneficial."
How to Endear Yourself to Your Boss    |   Read this Article
Get assignments in early, clearly and concisely.
On-boarding: Turning Success into Significance in 90 days
   |   Read this Article
"To not grasp the importance of this critical on-boarding period is to risk failure or at least a long uphill struggle."
How to Be a Real WOMAN Leader in Higher Education    |   Read this Article
"Obviously we need new definitions--our own personal definitions--of Real Women."
Presidential Perspectives: What Can We Learn    |   Read this Article
"Use logic, creativity and problem-solving, with an eye on the big picture. A problem attacked leaf by leaf keeps coming back."
Tips on Getting a Community College Presidency    |   Read this Article
'You shouldn't have to leave your own college to become a president,'...which is especially important for women, who are place-bound more often than men.
Research Universities Work to Increase Faculty Flexibility    |   Read this Article
"The new generation of faculty candidates is looking for work that's compatible with having a life."
Use Political Advocacy, Social Action to Benefit Your School    |   Read this Article
"The inner workings of the political world can be as foreign to your school as your world of academia is to politicians. How do you bridge the gap?"
Experts Project Key Shifts in Work/Life Priorities    |   Read this Article
"If we think we can change the culture without changing the leaders, we're smoking something funny."
Strategies to Reach Gender Parity in College Presidents    |   Read this Article
"More openings coupled with fewer opportunities to rely on current presidents, should mean better chances for those women and people of color waiting in the wings--if, of course, there are more women and people of color waiting in the wings."
IN HER OWN WORDS: Tools for Feminists in Today's Post-Feminist Climate    |   Read this Article
"Now that I know all this, how can I live my life without going crazy?!!"
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Academic Mobbing: Is Gender a Factor?    |   Read this Article
"You know what stops mobbings? Somebody saying, 'Cut it out. Enough of this.'"
A Perfect Storm: Gen X and Today's Academic Culture    |   Read this Article
"Anti-family bias in policies and expectations rules out the option many women would choose and most men follow: a serious scholarly career that's compatible with family."
Spirituality Brings Strength to Women Under Stress    |   Read this Article
"The term spirituality in its existential sense refers to a feeling of meaning and purpose--what we do while we're here."
When Sisters Turn into Saboteurs    |   Read this Article
"Whether or not saboteurs manage to convince others that a woman is incompetent, they may thwart her career just by jolting her self-confidence."
Tips for Preparing for Your Next Career Move    |   Read this Article
"Coaching helps you take the time to understand who you are and what is a good fit."
Learning to Become Fearless in Today's World    |   Read this Article
"Don't be afraid to fail. No one has succeeded who hasn't failed along the way."
IN HER OWN WORDS: What if Cinderella Were a Professor?    |   Read this Article
"Cinderella would recognize that not everyone is going to like her, and it has nothing to do with her."
Paper Dolls and Jacks: Women Presidents Look Back    |   Read this Article
"What do presidents see when they look back? It really is about perception and memory."
What Brings Career Satisfaction to Women Administrators?    |   Read this Article
"Sometimes satisfaction trickles down."
Women Describe Becoming Resilient Through Adversity    |   Read this Article
"The gift of encouragement can provide individuals with the strength necessary to work through the difficult, dark moments."
The Last Laugh:
What if a Woman Won Election to President?
   |   Read this Article
The importance of the 2008 election to women.
What's the Status of Women as Ed Leaders Worldwide?    |   Read this Article
Women who have become leaders have somehow successfully navigated cultural constraints in order to get there.
Why Initiatives to Diversify Faculty Don't Work    |   Read this Article
"Requiring that claims of bias prove intent allows higher eduction to preserve the meritocracy myth?
Despite Title IX, Sports Still Inequitable, Homophobic    |   Read this Article
"If you're a single woman, men will ask you to prove you're straight by sleeping with them"
Women Lead with Spirit to Challenge the Status Quo    |   Read this Article
"If we stay awake, the right people come into our lives at the right time. We're surrounded by angels."
The Real Story Behind the Passage of Title IX 35 Years Ago    |   Read this Article
"Called the 'godmother' of Title IX' by the New York Times, Dr Bernice Sandler was an integral part of its creation and passage.
LGBTQ Faculty at DePaul: Conflict vs Conversation    |   Read this Article
"What does it mean to be openly gay faculty at a Catholic School?"
President Recounts Her Own Dance of Leadership    |   Read this Article
"Today some young women who watched their moms try to do it all are making different choices."
Faculty Satisfaction: A Gendered Issue of Integration    |   Read this Article
"If you care about women, take steps to help them connect."
Listen to All Voices to Develop an Inclusive Community    |   Read this Article
"Diversity is generally done using the salad bowl approach: throw people together and mix."
Tips to Use Mentoring and Mapping to Advance a Career    |   Read this Article
"The male model of mentoring emphasizes asculine characteristics like hierarchy, while the female model values nurturing and support."
Overcome Gendered Stereotypes on Negotiating    |   Read this Article
"View differences as opportunities. Negotation is an opportunity to expand the pie."
Making Room for the "I" Voice in Scholarship    |   Read this Article
"For me, it was like letting out a tiger that had been caged up for years. My doctoral experience transformed me and set me free."
Symposium Offers Lessons from Life of Denice Denton    |   Read this Article
"She opened doors and stood in them to let others through. She mentored young scholars and students. She pushed the institutions she inhabited to be better than they wanted to be."
Patterns of Gender and Racial Privilege    |   Read this Article
Please see "How Priviledges of Gender and Race Affect Academic Life" at the end of the article
Women Applying for Presidency Face 'Border Patrol'    |   Read this Article
"We're recruiting 21st century presidents using 19th century processes"
Check Your Internal Messages about Women Leaders    |   Read this Article
We choose every day if we're going to respond to assumptions, or just be who we are.
How to Engage the Lisa Simpsons of Today's Academia    |   Read this Article
Perhaps it's their confidence in themselves that drives them to behave like 'girls gone wild.'
The Dance of Leadership: Claiming Your Style    |   Read this Article
"Leadership is about figuring out who you are and what you're passionate about."
IN HER OWN WORDS: Women Leading Athletics: The AD Search Process    |   Read this Article
"The interaction between individual characteristics and structural barriers in the search process help explain the lack of women in the AD role."
How to Help Women Online Learners to Succeed    |   Read this Article
"Work and family constraints that channel women into online programs also make it harder for them to finish."
How to Build Career Connections Through Networking    |   Read this Article
"The number one mistake that women make in networking is to take the same approach to networking that we do to finding girlfriends"
IN HER OWN WORDS: Riding the Bull: A New Scholar in the Academy    |   Read this Article
"I live an academic life where women learn to ignore being ignored, even as they must have the confidence to research, to fill the blank page
Many Women Trustees Just Don't Get the Equity Agenda    |   Read this Article
"Very few women were attending to gender issues. Some weren't even aware of gender issues."
How to Address Homophobia in Women's Athletics    |   Read this Article
Playing on a team offers a rich education in getting comfortable with diversity
Campus Work/Life Policies: Moving from Policy to Practice    |   Read this Article
Balancing work and family life is one of today's leading gender issues
IN HER OWN WORDS: Creating a New College Navigating Change by Following the Path of Faith Dr. Darlyne Bailey    |   Read this Article
"As the first in many ways, I am forever mindful to do my absolute best to make sure I am not the last.
Making the most of expected high presidential turnover    |   Read this Article
The ACE 2007 report The American President offers some answers and raises disturbing questions.
Tipping the balance toward sane work-life practices    |   Read this Article
Changing demographcs also have increased the demand for family-friendly policies across all campuses
THE LAST LAUGH: Where have all the words gone?    |   Read this Article
Like shells on a beach, our words lie about, waiting for someone to pick them up, take them home with them and give them the value they deserve.
Harvard's New President Reflects Feminist Values    |   Read this Article
Hold the presses! Harvard's historic selection last month of Dr. Drew Gilpin...rocked the campus and the world.
The Theory of Plenty: Form Strategic Partnerships    |   Read this Article
Unless they're based on trust and reliance, partnerships risk being temporary and transient.
How to Motivate Your School's Compliance with Title IX    |   Read this Article
If you're consistent, fair and objective in your approach, you can't be labeled as a one-issue person.
How to Motivate Your School's Compliance with Title IX    |   Read this Article
If you're consistent, fair and objective in your approach, you can't be labeled as a one-issue person.
By Working Together, We Shall Overcome    |   Read this Article
For every woman who succeeds, I succeed a little. For every woman who fails I fail a little.
The CAO Position: A Stepping Stone to the Presidency?    |   Read this Article
Six leaders discuss the CAO position and why they love it
An 'Accidental Academic' Strips Stereotypes    |   Read this Article
I'm interested in dance, sexuality and feminism--and exotic dancers sat at the nexus of that.
How to Lead through Hospitality, Rather than Heroics    |   Read this Article
Not domination but hospitality must become the leadership norm
Strategies to Manage Conflicts on Campus    |   Read this Article
Well-managed conflict can bring wonderful benefits...
'Disparate Effect' on Women Could End the Tenure System    |   Read this Article
"To think of tenure ethically, I had to start thinking about it differently."
What New Faculty Women Wish They'd Known Earlier    |   Read this Article
'Come in with strategies in hand, instead of getting yourself knee-deep in mud and then looking for a strategy to pull yourself out'
'Culturally Competent Mentoring' Serves Non-Traditionals    |   Read this Article
We all serve as mentors. We all wear that hat.
Advancing Your Career in Athletics Administration    |   Read this Article
Right now the focus is on women and minorities because often the pool is thin
Strategies to Increase Gender Equity on a Rural Campus    |   Read this Article
Potvin began a proactive campaign to recruit, retain and advance women and minorities at her college.
The Best Teachers Ask Big Questions    |   Read this Article
Great teachers transform how students think and live long after the final exam
Hierarchial Dysfunction and Mobbing in the Academy    |   Read this Article
Potential shifts in the power structure can trigger episodes of severe workplace hostility...
Integrating Passions in Research, Teaching and Service    |   Read this Article
Projects that clearly connect research, teaching and service should get competitive release time
Headhunters Advise How to Be the Cream of the Crop    |   Read this Article
Reframe the negotiation process from
MOVEABLE TYPE The Moral Purpose of Higher Education    |   Read this Article
Book review; Higher Ground: Ethics and Leadership in the Modern University
What Can We Learn from the life of Denice Denton?    |   Read this Article
Canadian Women Share Insights on Leadership    |   Read this Article
Feminist Academic Leadership: Parallels to President MacKenzie Allen, in Commander in Chief    |   Read this Article
As a feminist, I found the most exciting aspect of this show was the phrase "Madame President" being broadcast into millions of American homes...
Making the Academy More Friendly to Women    |   Read this Article
Academic leaders need to do more to publicly shame and satirize the most egregious conduct.
IN HER OWN WORDS Lesbian Administrators: An Invisible Asset    |   Read this Article
It is important historically to write this group of women into the books, because their presence and existence are undeniable.
Canadian Presidents Share from Experience    |   Read this Article
"Master gardeners" cultivate and nuture the next generation of women leaders.
Top Women Campus Leaders Share Key Lessons    |   Read this Article
What kind of leader are you? A carrot? An egg? or a coffee bean?
How to Play Nicely with Colleagues on Campus    |   Read this Article
When people are exposed to research and have an opportunity to reflect on the kind of leaders they are, that's when civil behavior occurs.
Leading vs. Managing by Community College Chairs    |   Read this Article
By maximizing their management efficiency, chairs can gain the time and opportunities to exert true leadership.
Activist Provides Guidelines to Negotiating a Life    |   Read this Article
"If we don't make a ruckus about it, who the hell will?"
IN HER OWN WORDS: Mother Knows Best: Her Skills Serve Academia    |   Read this Article
"My extended leave of absence for mothering had indeed prepared me well for my return to campus."
THE LAST LAUGH Is It Time for a Short, Black Lesbian to Lead Harvard?    |   Read this Article
Harvard gets to choose the next leader...our editor and publisher wonders...
Values as a Foundation for Leadership in Higher Education    |   Read this Article
Leadership has two components for her: Being inspirational and exploring solutions.
The Female Privilege Checklist    |   Read this Article
In contemplating a list of male privileges...we created a list of female privilege to share, post and comment on
Self-Doubt and an Ethic of Care Inspire Women Leaders    |   Read this Article
Mentors, books and sharing stories can help us value ourselves and move forward
Why Women Excel as Transformation Campus Leaders    |   Read this Article
"You don't improve if you don't change"
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Mentoring in the Changing Academy: Attending to Context - Part 1    |   Read this Article
Part II in March 2006 will provide practical tips on how to create an administrative fellows program on your campus
Why Women Should Lead in Philanthropy    |   Read this Article
Due to longevity, women inherit 70% of all estates
IN HER OWN WORDS: Xena and I: Female Empowerment    |   Read this Article
And then I thought: If Xena could do it, so could I.
How to Say "You're Fired" with Dignity and Respect    |   Read this Article
Firing is hard for anyone and especially for women, because they value empathy and relationships. When there's no alternative, you want to do it right...
Hard Won Tips for Moving Into Administration    |   Read this Article
"Mental health really is teaching. It involves communication, problem solving and identifying strengths," she told WIHE. It was the perfect background for college administration.
Top 10 Leadership Tips for Women on Campus    |   Read this Article
Here are the strategies I have found most useful in guiding my behavior when in leadership positions
Toward a New Identity Framework for Women Leaders    |   Read this Article
Leadership personas emerge from our individual psychology and are unique
Negotiating: Why Women Don't Ask and What to Do    |   Read this Article
We need women and girls to use their negotiating skills for themselves and for society to let them
Meg Wheatley Preaches a Revolution Led by Women    |   Read this Article
It's time for the women to gather!
Tips to Gracefully Climb into Athletics Administration    |   Read this Article
Working up the food chain might seem daunting....
Strategies for Increasing Faculty Diversity    |   Read this Article
HERC speaker tells how to make diversity a reality on campus
Supporting Students' Search for Meaning in Their Lives    |   Read this Article
Although some say their spirituality is closely linked to their religion, the two are not the same
How to Help Women to Get Back in the Game    |   Read this Article
Start preparing your comeback at the time you step out!
Crisis in Female Coaches Shortchanges Women, Athletes    |   Read this Article
Today's female athletes are half as likely to have women head coaches as before the passage of Title IX in 1972
What's the Trend on Women Getting College Presidencies?    |   Read this Article
"Until you called me, I thought we were making progess."--Bill Funk
The Last Laugh: It Ain't Easy Being Editor    |   Read this Article
Mary Dee Wenniger, Editor and Publisher
THE LAST LAUGH: Rape is a Felony, Not an Honor Code Violation    |   Read this Article
Brave campus leaders must step up to demand reviews of their campus. policies
What Helps a Senior Leader to Thrive?    |   Read this Article
Thriving in Leadership: Strategies for Making a Difference in Christian Higher Education
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